It all started when…


After learning about biofuel from one of my senior high school students, I began making it for our diesel trucks and tractor using “waste” cooking oil from local restaurants and schools. Turning the plant oils into fuel was (and still is) greasy work, and I had A LOT of grimy buckets and equipment to clean in my biodiesel shop. I used popular degreasers and cleaners, but they were too harsh on our skin, and our good dirt. And, popular olive oil soaps and diluted products were too weak to cut heavy grease without using A LOT.

So I started making soap. Thousands of soap recipes are free all over the internet and in books, but I didn’t find them designed for hard core cleaning AND skin support. I could buy detergents and cleaners from many big companies, but I wanted to use the ingredients I had on hand. And, many cleaners use stripped down and heavily refined ingredients, losing the beneficial functional plant oil nutrients that can help make the cleaning job safer on the skin. Over five years, I made hundreds of little batches with hundreds of recipe tweaks, gave them out to businesses, schools, fire departments, horse farms, veterinarians, pet owners to get feedback and to make the soap work better, do more. Eventually, I named my first soap WARHORSE, a nickname I used for students who had a stick with it, gritty attitude. For years I taught many high school and college students and shop visitors how to make the biofuel and soaps so they could experiment too. The test kitchen was (and still is) never shut down.

WARHORSE is retired. He’s run the course and out to pasture.

I’ve started a micro batching process in my new shop. Recently, I have taken the ancient traditional soap making process to a new level, digging in with new ingredients and new research to support skin. All parts of the process are small but they bring BIG results for my goal of a simpler life, less time on the road and more time with grandchildren and farming. Plus, my “brewing” process has changed, using a new curing and super fatting method to achieve stronger sustainability—the soap cooking is sustainable only if I keep moving.

My little soil to soap project is aptly named HARVEST,

a line of small batched, farm sourced, barrel cured, superfatted with superfoods, natural cleaning soaps that keep you and the whole mammal family working, playing, and moving. The recipes must change with every batch, since the ingredients change with every new harvest and with availability. It’s hard but wonderful work. And just like our family, we understand you’ve got lots of skin in the game. So, we keep working to improve— to keep your family, home, farm, pets and stuff “moving forward.”

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