Lotion Soap with Volcano Pumice 4 in 1 will remove heavy grease and garden grime without drying skin. In fact, you or your hard working significant other will get special consideration as it provides an experience beyond basic cleaning. We respect your hard earned dollars, so a little goes a LONG WAY.  Don't let the superfood ingredients fool you. This soap can multitask--CLEAN, SILKEN, SMOOTH, SOOTHE.

Lotion Soap Scrub with Volcano Pumice 4 in 1
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Clean, Silken, Smooth, Soothe

You have to do more than one task, and so does our Lotion Soap Scrub. Besides giving your skin an moisturizing clean—whether it’s some light grime or heavy duty grease or smelly gunk—this castile soap scrub will leave your hands, elbows, heels and rough spots silky soft.

Directions: Put a dime size amount of soap in hand and add water to create lather and apply to desired skin areas. Works well for softening hands and feet. Gentle on sensitive skin.

Ingredients: saponified sunflower, coconut, camelina, avocado, ahiflower oils; volcano pumice; lemongrass, tea tree, geranium, rosemary, lavender essential oils.

8oz 16oz

Avoid eye contact. Rinse eyes for several minutes with water.

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