Diving Deep: Doing our Homework

HARVEST’s goal is to use safe, recognizable, simple, cold pressed food ingredients in our soaps and cleaning applications. While our goal is to get your hands, hound, horse—and all your stuff—clean, we want to make sure we choose science backed ingredients.

Continued research into plant oil studies are important. Since HARVEST Hand Soap might wash someone’s hands 20 times a day, bathe a horse daily during a week of competition, shampoo an itchy-skin-dog every week, or help a cleaning team scrub homes, it really matters what’s in the soaps and what touches skin.

The US National Library of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, and Oregon State University Linus Pauling Institute publish non biased (as best I can tell) plant oil, fatty acid, and micro ingredient clinical studies from all over the world. HARVEST ingredients are based on the meta analysis of clinical studies and research. Yes, we make simple soap, but want it to be safe and perform well. Combining plant fatty acids and omegas can help HARVEST soaps improve performance and versatility for humans, hounds, and horses—and their stuff. HARVEST continues to research and to improve our recipes.

Enjoy reading the research and clinical studies!

PS. If you want to scan or skim the articles, you can read “ Abstracts” or the “Conclusions” and get the study focus and results.