Don’t take my word for it. You can put HARVEST to the test.

I research ingredients, put them in the kettle, cook, and spend months of trial and error. Every ingredient I choose is an opportunity to make the soap clean better, be more versatile, and love your skin in the process. So besides customer feedback, I use science to maximize my recipes.

Yeah, I do my homework. But this is not the real test. The real test is when you put the soaps to work. Do they really clean, are they really versatile, and support your skin? Are they affordable?

If HARVEST doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, we don’t deserve to exist. So if you are disappointed on any level, I will refund your money and hopefully get your criticism and feedback.

Tawana Weicker, Founder of HARVEST and retiring WARHORSE.

Here’s some research on and our soap chemistry and ingredients :

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