Reviews and Testimonials for Pet Shampoo from Warhorse

Read how our Pet Shampoo is making skin and coats for all our four-legged friends silkier, shinier and cleaner!

Great for allergies and itchy skin

No nasty, harsh chemicals...the ingredients are totally Earth-friendly

Genghis loves getting washed with Warhorse! This GMO-free shampoo/conditioner cleanses out all impurities and leaves his fur extra soft and conditioned. Great for pets with allergies and itchy skin. Your animals deserve the best natural products too!

Garner's Natural Life, Columbia, SC

   …Hourihan fell in love with another local product, Warhorse Solutions Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, when a sales representative from the company visited her store last year. Warhorse is manufactured nearby in Columbus, NC, with "no synthetics, pesticides, sulfates, or thickeners — it's great for dogs who have bad skin," she says.

Marylynne Roman, who owns the grooming business Dog Gone Gorgeous in Ashville started using the products last year at Hourihan's suggestion. Roman says the shampoo's lemon verbena lavender scent can overcome even the worst smelling animal odors. She also appreciates the product's simple ingredient list, predominantly a combination of oils such as coconut, castor, avocado, almond, and sunflower. 

"It doesn't have any nasty, harsh chemicals in there," she says. "The ingredients are totally earth-friendly."

Hourihan will always prioritize an inventory of all-natural and high-quality products at Ashville Pet Supply.

- from The Laurel of Ashville: "Local Products: Ashville Pet Supply"

Love the Aroma!

We LOVE your body wash! Huge hit in our household! The puppies finally got their spa day (well, Pisgah will get his after a good brushing...) and I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the aroma of the Pet Shampoo/Conditioner as well as how easy it was to wash them. We have great gratitude for your products! Many thanks.:)

CJ Eckhart, Swannanoa, NC


I only wish I could have started using it years ago

There are a lot of great things I can say about  Warhorse products, as well as the owner. I have used the pet shampoo, Pure Gold and the soap products, and I am equally impressed with them all. The shampoo works perfectly as a shampoo & conditioner on my dogs, and is a product I feel good about using.

The hand soap smells awesome and really does leave hands nice and soft. We placed the hand soap in the bathrooms at our trade show and even the men commented on it—completely unprompted, I might add.

As for the Pure Gold, it is appropriately named! When I read the uses for Pure Gold, I wanted to see how it would work in my shower, especially the glass door. Pure Gold worked great to clean my shower, and all the soap scum came right off the glass door! The best part is, I was not coughing my brains out from harmful fumes, as I have from other harsh cleaning products I have used in the past. I only wish I could have started using Pure Gold years ago!

Tawana’s mission to use natural, local, safe, and effective ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Warhorse products. On a personal level, I am truly impressed with what she has accomplished, and I am thrilled to have her products to sell to our customers. As an independent distributor who supports independent pet stores, Warhorse is a product our stores should be excited to have available to their consumers. Southeast Pet introduced Warhorse at our show in April and the response was incredible. We could not be happier!

Thanks Tawana!

Jennifer L. Stevens, Inside Sales Manager

Thorne’s coat has its sheen and vitality back

Our beautiful Thorne is a rescued Pitty who has struggled with skin and coat problems recently due to a thyroid imbalance. Warhorse, coupled with thyroid medications, have given her honey-colored coat its sheen and vitality back. It lathers beautifully and is gentle around her eyes and face. Thorne deserves and receives only the very best of everything… Warhorse fits into that classification perfectly.

AnnMarie Calloway

I've been a groomer for dogs and cats for 43 years. I have never, ever experienced anything like your product

Okay I have to tell you about your Warhorse shampoo ...are you ready?

I’ve been a groomer for dogs and cats for 43 years. I have never, ever experienced anything like your product. I’ve used the best of the best of the best holistic products, and by far yours is the best I’ve ever experienced.

Now even my dogs with super-sensitive, can’t-handle-anything skin are thriving on it. I’ll be ordering again frequently. Thank you for putting this together. A product that’s healthy and actually really high-quality is very rare.


I felt like I had just had a hot oil treatment, but it was the Warhorse shampoo

The shedding has decreased and they don't sit and chew on themselves all day

Kemosabe is an Australian Shepherd owned by BioStar US Founder Tigger Montague, and loves to roll in leaves, dirt and manure. Read Kemosabe's blog post about Warhorse! 

I have to say the labs have never been better, the shedding has decreased and they don’t sit and chew on themselves all day.  What an awesome product!  I’m telling everyone I know.

My dog Hank and I use the same bottle

I've been using Warhorse on my American Pit Bull Terrier for about six months. He has very sensitive skin and has had red skin on his tummy all his life. Warhorse worked wonders for him! AND for my own skin as well. I've been on medication for over a year… medication that has left my skin dry and flaking. Warhorse has worked wonders for this issue! My dog Hank (Hank Pibble… he has his own Facebook page!) and I use the same bottle, but I do have the Warhorse hand wash in the bathroom.

Thank you, Warhorse!

Jeanne, Blue Ridge Pet

Love the smell and the performance

I just want to say that I love your products.  I do not have horses, but have two dogs.  They LOVE to get dirty.  I recently bought the pet shampoo and really love the smell and the performance. 

Chrissy Croteau, print marketing manager, Signa

A valuable topical product for daily use on animals

I used your samples (lavender/citrus pet wash) primarily on my own pets. I am lucky enough that my pets don’t have any skin issues, but I do bathe them on a regular base because they get dirty.  Here is my direct feedback on the wash: Very nice cleansing effects, and the skin looks clean and the coat very shiny. Looks like you guys found a way to produce a valuable topical product for the daily use on animals.

Patrick Hensel, DVM, College of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Georgia

I used your pet shampoo on my cat and it worked fabulously

I’ve been meaning to get you pictures of my horses and dogs after a Warhorse bath, but I didn’t know I would be bathing a cat with it. This is a cat that I cannot do anything with but love on him. If I take him to work to get his shots, he turns into 18 pounds of fluffy meanness, and yet he sat still and let my four-year-old grandson slather him with Aquafresh toothpaste. Green, red and white streaks all over. His hair is long, so I had to shave him, but the toothpaste went down to the skin. I used your pet shampoo and it works fabulously. He wasn’t a very happy cat but he looks and smells great.

Keri Jenkins, Cloverfield Vet, Tryon, NC

Her coat is back to looking like her shiny puppy coat, before her allergies developed

I’ve actually had time to use both the unscented and the lemon/lavender scent on my 15-month-old black lab.  She has SEVERE allergies.  I had her tested in May and she came back with severe allergies to dust mites and storage mites (of all things), and mild allergies to ragweed and several types of fungus.  Keeping her black coat shiny and healthy has been quite a challenge to say the least.  We’ve started using a Rainbow vacuum (it has a water reservoir to trap mites), as well as washing our bedding and hers weekly.  We also change the air filters way more frequently and purchased a large, in-home air purifier. Even with all these additional measures, her skin and coat still looked dull and she always appeared uncomfortable (scratching, licking, etc).  Since using your shampoo (in addition to everything else), her skin and coat look great!! It’s back to looking like her shiny puppy coat, before her allergies developed.  I haven’t noticed any balding/peeling/dry areas after only two uses and I haven’t noticed her itching nearly as much as she used to!  She genuinely looks much better...and much more comfortable and happy.  Thank you for making a product I can use for her. All of the other shampoos I’ve tried (oatmeal, hypoallergenic, medicated, etc.) have done nothing more than dry her skin out even worse.  Thanks again for such a great product!  You will forever have dedicated customers in Maci (my lab) and me! :-)

It works so well, we don't have to use additional products

Warhorse’s Pet Shampoo works wonders on our pets and, like the non-toxic Warhorse cleaner that we use to clean our kennels, it did not disappoint! Warhorse cleans all of the dirt and debris from the skin and coat. It has Dead Sea salt in it and other natural ingredients which work great as skin and coat conditioners. It works so well that we don't have to use additional products in the coat to condition when we bathe our customers’ pets.

Angel Mitchell, DVM, Bonnie Brae Veterinarian Hospital and Boarding Kennel

Leaves a beautiful soft and silky shine to my dogs' coats

FANTASTIC. The BEST of any shampoo that I have ever used, leaves a beautiful soft and silky shine to my dogs’ coats.

Scott Kitchen, Asheville, NC

An excellent addition to our kennel and hospital

We have had numerous opportunities to use Warhorse Pet Shampoo for bathing our clients’ animals in the boarding facility. Our clients routinely comment on the quality of the pet’s coat and skin after bathing. They are also pleased at the duration of effectiveness. Both Dr. Mitchell and I, Dr. Fitch, have used Warhorse for several dermatological problems. The product has been effective in the treatment of these conditions.

Over the last year, the kennel and hospital employees have been using the Warhorse cleaning products daily. We have found this product to be an effective cleaner in our facilities. The fact that it is also an environmentally friendly product makes it an excellent addition to our kennel and hospital.

Iain Fitch, DVM & Angel Mitchell, DVM, Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital


Works on my dog and my horse!

The dog shampoo is wonderful! My Yorkie’s coat is so soft and shiny afterwards. The same is true with the horse shampoo. Our palomino is shining in the sun now that his coat is clean! I love the fact that I don’t have to use another detangler product on his mane—your product worked as both. The smell was so much nicer than the medicinal smell usually associated with those products. If you were able to add citronella in for the flies, I wouldn’t need any other products! ;)

Your Multi-Purpose Cleaner is priced great! Since so little is used at a time, it lasts forever.

Elena Kaut, Poolville, TX

When I bathe her, she does not scratch

Thanks for a great product. My dog’s skin is so much better when I use the product (she has allergies), and when I bathe her she does not scratch. Thanks!

Mary Bartek, Davenport, IA

For our clients who have animals with sensitive skin or skin issues

We offer the product to our clients who have companion animals with sensitive skin or skin issues. The feedback has been very favorable regarding the cleansing properties and the lack of inflammation and irritation to the animals’ skin… Overall, the feedback has been positive and we are pleased with the product.

Kevin D. Matthews, DVM

I just cleaned my boots with the dog shampoo

It cleaned them beautifully and left them moisturized. Yet another use for Warhorse Solutions products! Thank you! I have been wearing them since I cleaned them a few hours ago. Look great… even with the new dirt I just got on them.

Caroline Gunther, Wag! Pet Boutique, Hendersonville, NC