HARVEST Omega 3 Superfood Human, Dog, Horse Castile Soap Concentrate
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Regardless of what’s getting cleaned, somebody’s got skin in the game.

Got dirt loving grandchildren? You and your team got dry, itchy hands? Sunburned husband look like he’s been dunked in a barrel of red dirt and shop grease? Got a yappy, sensitive skin, smelly beagle that rolled on a dead possum or in horse manure? A hivey prone horse with a coat that needs some shining and softening? Got a kitchen splattered from tomato canning or blackberry jelly production? Anyone have an unused dining room that is crammed with an often used, gunky, sticky, cookied and juiced up jungle gym?

This Omega 3 Superfood Castile Soap can be your versatile cleaning solution that LOVES skin too.

Want ONE bottle for all kinds of mammal skin (sensitive humans, hounds, and horses) and one versatile, effective cleaner that travels to all rooms in the house, to the truck, the boat, and to the beach rental where it cleans us all and all of our stuff? One bottle of soap that makes my skin happy—with Omega 3, natural Vitamin E, and plant moisturizers—while I clean and get cleaned.