Reviews and Testimonials for Equine Shampoo from Warhorse

Don't just take our word for it. Read the reviews from trainers, vets, and riders. The results speak for themselves: Warhorse Equine Shampoo is a superior clean, and good for your horse!

Warhorse works for Tim Ober, DVM

We use the Warhorse products for various things in the veterinary practice and on the farm. It is used every week to scrub the mats in our barn aisle, and to clean the surfaces and floors in our lounge area. It really does a great job and keeps the barn smelling clean, natural, and fresh. It is a great alternative to harsh chemicals that can be dangerous and smell too strong or artificial.

We also have had success solving skin issues with clients’ horses as well as horses here at the farm. The body rinse was noticeably helpful in Florida during the winter show season, as it is hot and the horses are soaked with sweat and excessive residue from the salt and soap chemicals that can be overused when bathing quite frequently. The feedback we received from our clients noted that it was especially useful to support coats, and for some of the more sensitive-skinned horses.

The multi-purpose cleaner is also fantastic and we continue to use this in our barns, houses, and vehicles!  We are very grateful for such a quality and natural product, we hope to continue to use it in the future, and we would enjoy trying it with more equine patients and all our four-legged friends!

Tim Ober DVM, Gordonsville, VAUSET Team Vet

So much success with a particularly troublesome horse


I am pleased to report that I have had so much success with your shampoo on a particularly troublesome horse, and his skin has STILL not broken out once.  This will have been almost a year now, with no funny upsets.  I am so grateful.  I am also grateful that I bought a gallon and it has lasted so long.  Not only do I use it on my horses, but I also refill my smaller bottles with it at home.  It really goes a long way! I am attaching a photo of my Warhorse success story champion at the Lake Placid Horse Show!

Aimee Boyer, Harmony Hill Farm, MA

Cut down the incidence of skin fungus and irritation


Warhorse products are a major part of our daily routine at Eurasia, Inc. We bathe our horses in the Equine Shampoo, and the horses look fantastic. The all-natural ingredients cleanse the coats without stripping them of any essential oils. Additionally, the shampoo has dramatically cut down the incidence of skin fungus and irritation.

Colin Syquia, Eurasia Inc.

Without all the harsh chemicals of regular soaps

Hello from Florida,

I started using your equine shampoo and human body wash last year after receiving free samples at the Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event.  I absolutely love the way they smell and how they clean my horse and myself without all the harsh chemicals of regular soaps.  What impressed me the most (after the amazing scent and great cleaning job!), was the way the soap rinsed off my horse.  Most of the time, I spend forever rinsing and rinsing the residue regular horse shampoo leaves on my horse.  With Warhorse, one rinse and my horse looked awesome!

Katie Fuller, Stirrups ‘n’ Strides Therapeutic Riding Center

You truly feel like the soap is giving back to you and your animals


I use Warhorse equine shampoo as well as the hand soap myself on a daily basis.  It's is one of the best soaps that I have used for both my animals and myself.  You get a clean  feel without feeling like you have stripped all of the oils away.  You truly feel like the soap is giving back to you and your animals and the best part is that is all natural!

Wellness is so important to me,  my horses and dogs as they are my family/children.  I am so thrilled to be able to use your products.  

Kelly Soleau

Equine shampoo helped fight "Florida Fungus"


I was introduced to this unique line of products last year thanks to a good friend of mine. Since then, I have seen these products work wonders in all areas of the barn, whether it be washing our horses, hands, or tack! The equine shampoo has helped us fight against skin problems and "Florida fungus" with the best results I've seen in my 10 years of wintering in Wellington!

Ashley Perkins Dressage

So happy with my horses’ appearance and the healthiness of their skin


The Warhorse Equine Shampoo is working well—so well that I need more. My grooms and horses love it! I am so happy with my horses’ appearance and the healthiness of their skin. Being on the road, competing in various weather and footing conditions presents many opportunities for skin issues such as scratches and/or scurf to arise. Since starting using Warhorse Equine Shampoo, we haven’t had one case of either, which is incredible! I have won a Grand Prix since starting using your products. Thank you.

Colin Syquia, Eurasia, Inc. 

Far superior to any whitening products we have used

ocean echo.jpg

Using Warhorse products has made our grooming and cleaning techniques much more effective, particularly when using the shampoo on a white or grey horse! The luster and deep clean is far superior to any whitening products we have used in the past! If there is a stain, it just melts away without extreme scrubbing that may irritate the skin. On top of the cleaning power, it conditions and nourishes the skin and hair instead of drying.

Jennifer Hannan, Ocean Echo Farm  

Running Fox runs with Warhorse

running fox2.jpg

New at Running Fox Equestrian Products: Warhorse Solutions’ high-performing, skin-safe Equine Shampoo, Hand & Body Washes, and Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

"Warhorse's combination of extraordinary plant oils contains no pesticides, metals or glyphosate, no petroleum or sulfate ingredients, and no genetically modified organisms.  Warhorse's equine, pet and people soaps use an exclusive raw sunflower oil that retains its waxes, lecithin, and vitamin E. Add some skin-loving oils of avocado, coconut, almond and Dead Sea minerals, and you've got a buffet of healthier benefits."

Max has skin in the game


I LOVE all your products!

With Warhorse I have cleaned cars, scrubbed stall walls, cleaned saddles, washed my hands, bathed horses, etc., etc.—it’s all awesome! Smells good, rinses clean and easy…awesome, awesome.


Max Corcoran

Best discovery of the decade

Warhorse shampoo is the best discovery of the decade — I'm now using this stuff on me, the dogs, the horses, and pushing it on my friends. I really want to buy your multi-purpose cleaner now too, so I can mop my wood floors with it, clean my tack room with it, stock my hand soap dispensers, etc… you get the idea. I love this stuff.

Uses real food ingredients

My barn manager friend told me about an equine shampoo from Warhorse she was using that she loved and that did not contain any red-flag ingredients. Warhorse uses real food ingredients in their shampoos like sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, plus tea tree oil, sea salts with glycerin and essential oils. Warhorse products are certified non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project, and tested clean of glyphosates and pesticides.

I was intrigued!  So I bought a bottle of Warhorse Equine Shampoo and Conditioner and tried it on my little terrier, Yoda. I have tried so many shampoos on her, searching for something that would reduce the oily/smelly skin that requires her to be bathed every week. A raw diet and colostrum have stopped the chronic itching but not the stinky, greasy coat. I plunked her in the sink, and applied the shampoo … the first thing I noticed was how wonderful it smelled, then how it felt on my hands. After I toweled her dry and let her sit in the sun, her coat was amazing: soft, shiny, and healthy.

Cynthia Montague, BioStar US

Fan for life...and just ordered several more


Can I tell you, we LOVE your hand soap! I'm completely THRILLED to tell you that your soap completely cleared up the eczema on my hand, not to mention it smells and feels amazing. Fan for life ... and just ordered several more. 😊

Jill Tweedy, Tucker Tweed Equestrian

Be effective and beautiful at the same time!

I love Warhorse shampoo and soap because it is super-powerful yet totally natural and gentle on the skin. The horse shampoo works wonders on the Florida crud and scratches because it actually creates a protective layer on the horses’ legs after use! The body wash is my new personal favorite thing! Warhorse proves you can be effective and beautiful at the same time! It’s perfect for us hardworking people!

JJ Tate, Team Tate Dressage

We love Warhorse at the farm

I wanted to let you know how much we love Warhorse at the farm. The horse shampoo makes their coats and skin so soft. It gets all the green out of the grey horses (we have four) and is close to miraculous in eliminating scurf. Warhorse is the best shampoo, leather cleaner, and all-around cleaner.

-Randi Goulding, Tryon, NC and Wellington, FL barn manager

Our palomino is shining in the sun now

The horse shampoo is wonderful! Our palomino is shining in the sun now that his coat is clean! I love the fact that I don’t have to use another detangler product on his mane—your product worked as both. The smell was so much nicer than the medicinal smell usually associated with those products. If you were able to add citronella in for the flies, I wouldn’t need any other products! 😉

Your multi-purpose cleaner is priced great! Since so little is used at a time, it lasts forever.

Elena Kaut, Poolville, TX

Helps condition after chlorine dry-out

Love the equine shampoo and the way it makes the coat shine and feel so soft. The chlorine dries out the horse’s tail and the shampoo helps condition it.

Linda Ketchum, Still Creek Farm, Tryon, NC

Helped clear up rain rot irritations

It’s fabulous!  Had horses with rain rot irritations and the shampoo really worked to clear it up. Coats appeared healthy and full of shine.

Jeanne Smith, Clear View Farm, Landrum, SC

Used to treat a client's horse with a dermatitis condition

I have been treating a client’s horse for a dermatitis condition. The horse was making matters worse by self-inflicting additional wounds to appease the itching.  I recommended Warhorse Equine Shampoo along with additional treatments for the wounds.  Under the owner’s observation, the mare improved using the product.  The shampoo was soothing and moisturizing to the skin, relieving the itching.

I recommended it to another client in the Hilton Head, SC area.  Living in the coastal regions can be more difficult for horses dealing with flies. The client has noticed a marked improvement in the condition of the coats of her horses. The coats appear much healthier and have a great sheen to them.

Rich Metcalf, DMV, Tryon Equine, Columbus, NC

It's super-food for the skin and coat

Lauren Kennerly works with Hank at Cherokee Hill Farms in Tryon, NC, and today he got his first beauty treatment in a while. She let us know how it went:  “Hank had a bath and looks great. His mane and tail feel awesome. The soap washes out so well.”

Hank’s a big, beautiful Belgian that just got under the saddle last year.  He’s doing well. Hank’s mane and tail are a challenge—a heavy, thick mane that holds in heat.

Warhorse has been looking for unique “cases” to really test our equine shampoo.  While other horses have been nurtured by our all-natural, uniquely formulated cleanser, Hank the Tank is a great test.  Trainer and instructor Lauren Kennerly lathered him up with our natural recipe. It’s super-food for the skin and coat... wait until you feel it on your own skin as well. Made from a sustainable process using green energy, the formula has been used by veterinarians and horse owners for the past eight years.