We're only as good as our ingredients.

At HARVEST Soap Project, we forage for innovative farmers and partners who are willing to work with little HARVEST.  Their fresh, simple ingredients are as "whole" and nutrient rich as we can get them. And yes, this means that every batch of HARVEST soaps and products must be made from scratch and the recipes tweaked every batch, just like good cooking. Plus, we LOVE using farmer's fresh ingredients in new ways with new products, hoping to boost their revenues and support their goal of growing healthy, clean foods.  Yeah, we have to work a bit more but we wouldn't have it any other way.


Oliver Farm--Good Food Award and South's New Hot Oil.


HARVEST is so lucky to have met Clay Oliver and his passion for saving his Pitts, Georgia centennial family farm. Oliver Farm is winning Good Food awards in the South and being welcomed in some of the best restaurants across the country. When Clay cold presses and barrels his non GMO sunflower oil for us, he has to load it on his tractor and drive it a long way to get it on the truck and headed our way. Then I get my tractor going and load it from the delivery truck and into my shop. This glorious, golden oil has a earthy, seedy smell that tells me its wonderful waxes, carotenoids, and goodness haven’t been removed. Thank you Oliver family for working with us. You can visit their website and get some of their oils.

 Ahiflower & Nature's Crops


While foraging for stronger omega 3 sources to create a new soap recipe, I reconnected with Greg Cumberland, of the Bent Creek Institute and Natures Crops International. Luckily for HARVEST, Greg shared samples of Natures Crops’ naturally non GMO Ahiflower, grown by a co op of farmers in the UK. I crafted some new products, shared them with friends, family, pet groomers, and horse grooms. The results are awesome, not surprising since this plant seed oil is scientifically proven to offer a unique blend of omega 3 and 6. Yes, it’s a bit luxurious, but here at HARVEST, we want our humans, hounds, and horses to get clean without drying out the skin  HARVEST is releasing our new recipe soon. We use the Omega 3 Ahiflower powerhouse in supplement form too—for humans, hounds, and horses. Visit Natures Crops’ Ahiflower to learn more.