A privilege to get Oliver family farm's Good Food in TCW's HARVEST soaps

A journey from soil to soap

Clay Oliver has revived his family's centennial farm by growing and selling his artisan culinary oils to executive chefs and restaurants across the country. I now use his sunflower oil to all of our soaps.  What if this awesome oil can work so your skin gets the benefit of it while washing your boat or cleaning your refrigerator.  And you, your dog, your horse, or water buffalo (yes, I know a pet water buffalo who gets washed occasionally) can feel the glorious gold sunflower oil work its magic.

Oliver Farm has won many Good Food awards, and the pecan, green peanut, pumpkin, and sunflower oils are making lots of people happy.  Here's a link to Oliver Farm--the artisan oils make a great gift.

The whole Oliver family works to produce Oliver Farm Artisan Oils.

Oliver Farm's Georgia grown, glorious unrefined, nutrient rich sunflower oil just into my big soap pot in NC.  Stirred it in, and simmered it slow. We're so grateful to get this farmer grown, healthy oil for our products.