Pretty Dirty. Having it both ways.


It's hard to garden in red stillettos...but it can be done with a creative approach.

There's something about the dirt in our bottom land, the rich, earthy smell of newly plowed ground.  Even our lab-a-like Eddie knows there's something down in that dirt, as he roams between the furrows and around the edges.  Is he looking for the movement of a lizard or field mouse or is it the soft padding underneath his pads that stirs his soul?

Eddie walking through the rattlesnake green beans last year.

Eddie walking through the rattlesnake green beans last year.

I know why the yearly ritual stirs mine: the smell of the ground, the potatoes that will be sprouting eventually, the rattle snake green beans to come, the tomatoes, the tomatoes, the salsa. 

Hay bale garden.

Hay bale garden.

If you don't have a plot of land, or would like to step outside your door and load up on fresh vegetables, try a hay bale garden.  This is on my garden bucket list.  Talk about something to talk about when you have a few friends over for dinner. 

Here's a link that may inspire you to garden a different way...

You can do it on concrete as well...

I wonder if the Housewives of Beverly Hills have ever walked in a freshly plowed furrow of Appalachian bottom land?  Hey Ladies, try getting off the concrete every once in a while. Somebody should have ditched the heels and makeup and played in the dirt a little more often.



Diva Scarlett isn't too attractive to Rhett with her self-indulgent attitude. 

But getting out of the fancy dress, getting her hands dirty, and planting her garden gave her a new sense of accomplishment. 

Plus, Rhett thought she was pretty cute too.

Just ask anyone, ladies--you're a little more interesting and intriguing if you're multi-dimensional.  Do more than shop and worry about how you look.  Mix it up. Get a little dirty.

Grow a little,  grow a little garden, even while wearing your high heels.