Still Learning Lessons: Students Push Teacher Out of Classroom: Shakespeare to Upcycling and Green Chemistry


I started making hard working soaps using local recycled plant oils when one of my students did a research project on local food oil leftovers and biofuel. That was more than 12 years ago. Lots has changed.

Like many of you, I have more work, more family and animals, and more things to take care of. And now with more science backed information, we all expect more too, like better and safer tools to help us keep moving.

And no, my teacher to fumbling entrepreneur journey or some hyped up marketing promises won’t help you get your work done. You need proof the soaps work, help take care of your wonderful—your skin, your family, animals, home, farm, vehicles—all the ones and things that move you.

We don’t make beauty claims or how our ingredients will soothe your inner soul. We put up and shut up, and let you put them to the test for performance, versatility, safety, and ingredients. You can research our ingredient choices and decide for yourself if HARVEST really is clean.

Whether you wash working hands, sensitive skin, muddied dogs and horses, water buffalo, sticky high chairs and car seats, scummy boats, slimy sinks and tubs, or grimy shops and vehicles, you will be find them remarkable or you get a full refund. You won’t need gloves.

My WARHORSE is still available. But I’m back in the test kitchen, working on better recipes with new farm to soap ingredients. Continued skin and soap research is the foundation for a new line of omega 3 and 6 hard working castile soaps with more functionality, crafted in 50 gallon batches. Coming soon.

Give us a try. We can help you take care of your wonderful.